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Hidden amongst private houses is Buckaroo BBQ & Grill. Well, not exactly the most accessible of places, but we trekked all the way there just to try one single item – their ultra spicy Buffalo wings! We are not fans of deep fried chicken wings, but we were itching for some ultra spicy, blow us away chicken wings.



We tried the Insanity, which ranked level 3 in terms of spiciness (half dozen for $19.80). Well, we were expecting the level of spiciness to blow us away, leave us speechless, leave our tummies and lips burning, and allowing us to relish in sweat and tears. However, we were sorely disappointed. Insanity wasn’t as spicy as we hoped them to be. In fact, we found it rather bearable. We can’t deny that it was spicy, but it was hardly near insanity. In fact, after we finished eating the outer skin, the inner chicken meat was not spicy at all. And it was apparent to us that the chicken wings were not coated uniformly with the chili sauce. For those parts which had visibly lesser sauce atop it, it was distinctively less spicy.

Having traveled all the way to Sembawang, we truly regretted ordering level 3. We should have ventured further and ordered a level 4 or 5, and hopefully those would really drive us to insanity! Do note that beyond level 3, an increase in level of spiciness requires an additional $1.20 per half dozen.

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill
12B Andrews Avenue


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August 26, 2011 at 3:48 pm

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  1. […] wings we’ve tried so far have been the Mexican/Texas/Western kinds from Chili’s and Buckaroo. Hence we were rather surprised to see Woody promoting their very own spicy Peranakan buffalo […]

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