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Spruce, on a weekday late afternoon, was pretty quiet. It was a pretty decent and isolated place to enjoy a good long meal, with little disturbances. We ordered the Spruce Dips and a Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel cake.

Spruce Dips

Spruce Dips

Spruce Dips ($16) – Bread served with hummus, tuna conserva, tomato salsa and guacamole. We were rather overwhelmed with the tower of bread. There were 3 different kinds – thin crispy baguette, thicker slices of baguette with hard crust but softer centre and finally soft sourdough bread. The sourdough bread was our favourite as we enjoyed the tinge of sourness from the bread and personally, we felt that the dips were better compliments for softer bread.

The hummus dip was our favourite amongst the four dips. It was more tasty and stronger in flavours. But our biggest peeve with the hummus dip was the large amount of oil which was literally an eye sore and a taste spoiler. The tuna conserva was packed with mini tuna bits and together with the mayonnaise base and chopped pickles, this dip was seemingly a replica of Macdonald’s fillet-o-fish. The tomato salsa was a combination of sourness and a tinge of spiciness as well. It was filled with a generous amount of chopped onions which lifted the overall taste and aroma of the salsa sauce. Our least favourite sauce was the guacamole. It was more bland than the rest and the faint vegetable taste just didn’t go well with our palates. We were rather impressed with the dips and were almost certain that the dips were made in-house.

Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel

Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel

Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel

Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel

Double Chocolate Crunch with Sea Salt Caramel ($12) – Once again, we were allured by the mere mention of sea salt caramel and hence we ordered this cake. Disappointingly, there wasn’t the slightest hint of sea salt caramel. The cake was dense dark chocolate sponge with layers of chocolate fudge. The layers of chocolate fudge were also rather thin, but one interesting thing was that they were embedded with little crunchy chocolate pearls. On the whole, it wasn’t exactly a fantastic cake.

320 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park

Written by foodphd

August 11, 2011 at 9:19 pm

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