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Arteastiq – The Art of Teasing

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Kudos to the Duchess of Bedford who introduced afternoon tea! Simply cause we enjoy afternoon tea as well!

Tuscan Crispy Brioche Panini Chicken

Tuscan Crispy Brioche Panini Chicken

Tuscan crispy brioche panini chicken, served with side salad and creamy mushroom soup with croutons ($11.90) – Smoked chicken and Philadelphia cream cheese puree with a hint of nutmeg, dried cranberry and alfalfa sprouts. The arrival of our panini set left us pretty disappointed. Well, we weren’t expecting Arteastiq to use Sunshine/Gardenia white bread for the sandwich. We have nothing against those breads, but we were just expecting something different such as ciabatta. The sandwich fillings were pretty mediocre, nothing extraordinary. The smoked chicken was pretty bland, didn’t really taste like it was smoked, but more of being broiled. The hint of nutmeg was also sorely lacking. However, the alfalfa sprouts did add a nice crunch to the sandwich. One thing good about the sandwich was that it was light on the palate, no strong flavours or cooking methods, making it a healthy afternoon snack.

The accompanying mushroom soup, though the description read “creamy mushroom soup”, was sadly not creamy at all. It was obviously lacking in the viscosity, thickness and richness of cream. However, we must commend on their generosity in the use of mushrooms. The soup was very strong in mushroom flavours and aroma. We could taste the huge proportion of mushroom bits and thoroughly enjoyed the grainy texture of the soup.

Raisin Scones

Raisin Scones

The Raisin Scone ($3.50) was served warm and the looks of it had already left us salivating. The nice brown colour to the scone, a “freshly baked out of the oven” fragrance and the generous number of raisins brought our hopes and expectations to a higher level. Once we cut apart the scone, steam rushed out immediately. The scone was very dense in texture. The interior was of a slight shade of brown, leading us to believe that perhaps cinnamon was added to it. It wasn’t too sweet, nor buttery, yet exuding the distinctive scone taste. There were quite a number of raisins, which delighted us as well. Interestingly, the base of the scone was harder and slightly charred, and it added crunchiness to the scone. This was certainly one of the better scones we have tried so far, putting a nice full stop to our afternoon tea.

Meritus Mandarin Gallery, level 4


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July 29, 2011 at 11:54 am

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