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国府珍锅 Guo Fu Steamboat

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Headed to 国府珍锅 Guo Fu Steamboat for their steamboat dinner buffet. The place wasn’t very crowded, it was rather spacious, clean and neat inside – a stark contrast to the steamboat shops along Bugis.



We had the option of having an individual pot or a communal sharing pot, and we opted for the latter. We were allowed to select 2 flavours for the large steamboat 鸳鸯锅 and we chose herbal and spicy. As we discovered later, both flavours essentially shared the same soup base, just that chili oil was added to create the “spicy” version. Both soups were on the salty side, with the spicy version seriously lacking in spiciness.

The accompanying sauces/condiments included the sesame and chili sauce. The sesame sauce was rather bland, diluted and too thin. The chili sauce contained a bit of nuts, which did add crunchiness to the dip, but sadly, it wasn’t spicy at all.

Raw food!

Raw food!

There were the usual seafood and meat offerings for steamboat. We particularly liked the sliced fishes and they were thick, succulent and fresh.

There were certain cooked dishes which were part of the buffet. The pumpkin cake  炸南瓜饼 was very oily and the amount of pumpkins was very little. The fried banana 炸香焦 was not as oily as the goreng pisang sold in hawker centres, but still rather mediocre. The shallot pancake 葱油饼 tasted seemingly like deep fried roti prata. We like the xiao long bao 小茏包 and steamed dumplings 蒸饺. The skins weren’t too thick, encompassing the juicy meat with a bit of gravy.

Desserts wise, they served cold pumpkin puree. It wasn’t really puree, in our opinion, but more of cold pumpkin soup. It was thin, bit sweet but lacking in the taste of pumpkins.

At $24 per pax (with 10% discount from the VIP card), the steamboat buffet was pretty worthwhile. The raw food was pretty fresh and there was a decent variety of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, prawns. More importantly, the place wasn’t too rowdy, dirty and unkempt. It was a pretty good place to enjoy a long meal and catch up with friends.

国府珍锅 Guo Fu Steamboat
#01-24, China Square
20 Cross Street

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July 23, 2011 at 9:41 am

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