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Ishiya Seika – Mifuyu

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Ishiyaseika Mifuyu

Ishiya Seika Mifuyu

Mifuyu (Beautiful Winter) – crispy wafers coated with three different fillings coated with three different chocolates:

Blueberry fillings with black chocolate – The first bite revealed a strong bitterness of the black chocolate. Following that came the buttery flavour of the flaky wafers and finally, the sweetness of the blueberry fillings kicked in. Sadly, the strong artificial blueberry flavour left an unpleasant taste in our mouths.

Marron (chestnut) fillings with white chocolate – The white chocolate overpowered the taste of chestnuts. Interestingly, the taste of the white chocolate reminded us of the Pocky strawberry-flavoured sticks; both were similarly sweet but the Mifuyu’s white chocolate was softer and more less viscous. The so-called wafers looked and tasted more like the flaky skin of  puff pastries with a rather buttery taste.

Caramel cream with milk chocolate – The caramel fillings had a texture and colour similar to that of Reese’s peanut butter. The milk chocolate, similar to the white chocolate, was sweet and resembled very much like the Pocky chocolate-flavoured sticks.

Priced at $18.90 for a box of 6, the snack may be on the expensive side. However, the Ishiya Seika Mifuyu comes in a nice packaging and would make a presentable gift.


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