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Ikada Bakery

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Ikada Bakery, situated at Depot Heights Shopping Centre, is not one of the most accessible places for us. In fact, we’ve never been to Depot Heights. So what would ever attract us there … …  but these little babies!!

Cheese Tarts!

Cheese Tarts!

There were 2 flavours available – chocolate and blueberry. Being chocolate lovers, we went straight for the former.

Cheese Tart - Chocolate

Cheese Tart - Chocolate

A bite into the tart revealed a generous serving of molten cheese. If Glace’s cheese tarts were chocolate cakes, it would make Ikada’s version a molten chocolate cakes. Ikada‘s cheese tarts were akin to molten lava chocolate cake. Once you break it apart, rich molten cheese starts flowing out. It was really a huge surprise as we scrambled to lick our fingers and not allow any bit of cheese to drip onto the ground. The crust itself was pretty good too, a crumbly texture with a buttery fragrance.

On the outside, Ikada Bakery looked every bit like the typical neighbourhood bakery with average looking and tasting bread. But surprises do come in small packages! At $1.40 per piece, Ikada’s cheese tart was really a good steal.

Ikada Bakery
#01-09, Depot Heights Shopping Centre
108 Depot Road

Written by foodphd

July 16, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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