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Oooze – Sea-Salted Caramel and Cocoa Crunch encased in Dark Chocolate and lovingly drizzled with Cocoa Nibs. Looks wise, Oooze was rather intriguing. The back of the chocolate bar was decorated entirely with cocoa nibs. Oooze, when broken apart, revealed a molten salted caramel centre. Oooze exuded a plethora of flavours – the saltiness of the sea-salt, the bitterness from the cocoa nibs and the faint sweetness from the caramel and chocolate. A range of textures as well – from the thick viscous caramel, to the smooth hard dark chocolate casing and finally the crunchy cocoa bits. Oooze displayed a well balance of flavours and texture and one cannot get sick from eating it.

The Tart

The Tart

The Tart was a replica of Oooze in terms of its flavour. The lumps of mousse on the tart tasted strongly of creamy sea salt caramel while the filling of the tart was sea salt caramel of a molten texture, peppered with an occasional nut. Perhaps as the Oooze had already been sampled prior to this tart, there was hardly any surprise element in this tart and the sea salt caramel taste became a bit overwhelming after a while. Our recommendation would be to try either one but not both the Oooze and The Tart at the same time. One would be able to better appreciate the two confectionaries separately, and at a total price of $24, these 2 items do not come cheap.

Pavé Chocolates & Confections
93 East Coast Road


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June 14, 2011 at 7:54 am

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