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Bonheur Patisserie

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We arrived at Bonheur Patisserie around 9pm, an hour before their closing time. Not many cakes were left and we had to make do with the remaining 2 chocolate selections.

Caramel Opera

Caramel Opera

Caramel Opera – The Caramel Opera was unlike any Opera cakes we have tried before. The Opera wasn’t crunchy or hard in any way. Neither did it contain any traces of chopped nuts. Beneath the top chocolate layer was a thick layer of caramel cream. On its own, this layer of caramel had a richness and texture akin to a slab of butter. And it seemingly exuded a slightly bitter coffee-like taste as well. Beneath the slab of caramel cream was a spongy layer, followed by more caramel cream. Overall, the cake was rather creamy and soft, not one of our favourites.

Chocolate Earl Grey

Chocolate Earl Grey

Chocolate Earl Grey – There was no strong flavour of earl grey. In fact, what came out seemed to be the taste of milk tea, the  typical Lipton tea cum condense milk concoction. Accompanying the top brown layer of milk tea cream was another layer of cream which was rather bland with no distinct flavors.  The two layers of cream tasted more like ice cream and was a separated entity from the remaining portion of the slice, probably due to the fact that it had not been defroze long enough before consumption. The chocolate sponge or pound cake at the bottom was very weak in chocolate flavour too, being neither dense nor rich.If not for the thin layer of raspberry sauce hidden between the chocolate sponge, the entire chocolate sponge would really be tasteless.

Overall,  these cakes were not very well excecuted and there was nothing too exciting to rave about. It was a disappointing 2nd visit at Bonheur.

Bonheur Patisserie
70 Duxton Road


Written by foodphd

June 14, 2011 at 7:52 am

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