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Udders - Novena Outlet

Udders - Novena Outlet

Waffles with Chocolate and Rum & Raisins Ice Cream

Waffles with Chocolate and Rum & Raisins Ice Cream

This is our first blog post on Udders, but it is definitely not our first time there. We have tried ice cream + waffles at countless places, but our all-time favourite ice cream parlour has got to be Udders. And we are not the only ones who think so as evident by the never ending queues and large crowds at the Novena outlet.

We ordered a waffle with 2 scoops of ice cream – Awesomely Chocolate and Rum Rum Raisin. First impressions, we felt that the scoop of ice cream had shrunk (not sure if it’s just this particular branch, or perhaps the particular waitress). Nevertheless, that definitely would not deter us from future visits! The Awesomely Chocolate is a blend of 2 dark chocolates plus dark chocolate shavings. It wasn’t too sweet; it was very rich, smooth and velvety. The Rum Rum Raisin reportedly has twice the amount of liqueur as the other liqueur flavours. That surely isn’t an understatement. The alcoholic taste was very strong, in fact, one of the strongest alcoholic ice cream we have tried so far. In the market, there are many ice cream parlours offering alcoholic flavours, but most of their ice creams just barely exude any alcoholic taste (perhaps aside from Seventh Heaven). Udders, however, does a great job with their alcoholic ice cream. Every mouthful was packed with flavour, the amount of raisins was just adequate. Some of our favourites include Bailey’s & Bourbon and Choya Lime Umeshu Sorbet.

Ice creams aside, the waffle was also commendable. Freshly prepared after we order, the waffle was served warm. The outer crust was crispy and towards the hard side, the inner core was soft and fluffy. The waffle had a “freshly-baked” fragrance. Looks wise, the waffle was ever so appetizing and attractive.

Udders’ ice cream and waffles – our ultimate favourite!

155 Thomson Road


Written by foodphd

May 21, 2011 at 5:53 pm

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