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Black Sesame Paste Bun

Black Sesame Paste Bun

Black sesame paste is commonplace, but how about Black Sesame Paste Buns? To our knowledge, the place offering the best (and probably the only) Black Sesame Paste Buns is 包今天 Bao Today. The bun itself is soft and fluffy and upon breaking it open, a generous serving of steaming hot black sesame paste oozed out. The Sesame Paste was absolutely divine! It was thick, viscous, rich and more importantly, you could taste the black sesame grains. The thickness of the black sesame paste wasn’t a result of a comparatively large amount of starch water, rather it was the generous proportion of sesame grains which brought the richness to a higher level. Coupled with the grainy and slightly coarse texture, the black sesame paste fillings was without a doubt, even better than the black sesame paste desserts sold at many shops.

包今天 Bao Today
#02-234, Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard


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May 21, 2011 at 6:57 pm

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  2. […] tried the Black Sesame Bun from Bao Today and Swatow Seafood, and just recently we realized that the long-standing Crystal Jade group offers […]

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