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(from left to right) Chocolate; Sania Berry; Mecrock

(from left to right) Chocolate; Cherry Mania; Mecrock

At $6 for a small cup of ice cream (you get to choose maximum 2 flavours for a small cup), Il Gelato Di Bruno‘s ice cream does not come cheap. But no fear, there will somehow always be discounts to prevent unnecessary spending! For UOB card holders, there’s a 1 for 1 offer; for those without any UOB card, there’s always the after 8pm, 1 for 1 ice cream scoops offer!

So banking on the UOB card, we went for 2 small cups of ice cream. After much deliberation, we chose 3 flavours – chocolate, cherry mania and mecrock. The chocolate ice cream was not too bad. It was rich, dense and towards the bitter side, with tiny bits of chocolate scattered within. The cherry mania was one of the fruit flavours, it was towards the sour spectrum and was pretty refreshing. The Mecrock is of a faint hazelnut flavour. It tasted rather diluted and was not as rich and thick as the other 2 flavours.  

The bad thing about Il Gelata Di Bruno is their naming of the ice cream flavours. There wasn’t any description whatsoever, and based on the name itself, we could hardly figure out the exact flavour of the ice cream. Coupled with the high pricing (and the not-so-friendly waitress), their ice cream is hardly value for money. We can find much better ice creams at more reasonable prices elsewhere.

Il Gelato Di Bruno
#B1-26A, Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link

Written by foodphd

May 18, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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