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Lawry’s, The Prime Rib

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As our decision to head to Lawry’s, The Prime Rib was pretty last minute, we did not make reservations and were told to wait around 30 minutes for a table. Well, the place was very crowded and it seemed a rather popular venue for birthday celebrations as throughout our 1.5-2 hours meal there, we heard the Lawry’s crew singing the birthday song around 5 times. I guess we should be the only table who made no steak orders for the night. Being non-beef eaters, we weren’t interested in the steaks but still that did not stop us from being intrigued by the capsule-like steak serving counter.Our orders for the night – 2 main courses, 1 extra accompaniment and 1 dessert.

Complimentary bread was served at the beginning of the meal, accompanied by butter. One of the bread had a distinct herb taste and was scarcely filled with chopped nuts. The other bread was a plain-looking and bland white bread.

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

Next up, Lawry’s Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad! The unique thing about Lawry’s is their effort to engage their customers in the preparation of the food. In this case, we had the waitress, dressed in a maid’s uniform, to prepare (or spin) the salad in front of us. After some spinning, tossing and plating, *ta-da* we have the Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad!

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad

The Famous Original Spinning Bowl Salad – Crisp romaine and iceberg lettuce, watercress, shredded beets, chopped eggs and croutons, tossed with our exclusive Lawry’s vintage dressing on a bed of ice. Even though there was much effort in the preparation and serving of the dish, the salad was still nothing fantastic to scream about. It tasted like any salad that one could have easily prepared at home effortlessly. I did like the croutons though, they were crunchy, savoury and fragrant.

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu – Pan seared chicken breast rolled with ham & cheese. Skin apart, the Chicken Cordon Bleu didn’t taste like it was deep fried. The chicken breast meat was on the tough side. It was very white, it looked boiled but you could taste a bit of its marination. However, what disappointed us was the lack of cheese taste. Hence, the Chicken Cordon Bleu was towards the bland side as it seriously lacked the savouriness of cheese. The accompanying vegetables consisted of asparagus, corn and carrots, with a mildly grilled taste.

Fresh Fish Selection

Fresh Fish Selection

The fresh catch of the day was the Halibut. The halibut was slightly charred on the surface. The white meat was firm, dense and tender. Coupled with the thick gravy, the fish was quite delectable. The halibut was served with vegetables (broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms etc), mashed potatoes and a large prawn. The prawn was grilled, fresh, very succulent, juicy and had a fragrant seafood taste. As such, the mashed potatoes that it was sitting on had also absorbed the flavours of the prawn.

Lawry's Idaho Baked Potato

Lawry's Idaho Baked Potato

Lawry’s Idaho Baked Potato was topped with sour cream, butter, bacon bits and chives. Like the salad, Lawry’s Idaho Baked Potato was prepared on the spot, in our full view. The waitress would slice open the potato and stuff it with the toppings. The potato was seriously huge, unlike the typical ones you see in the supermarket. The potato was very soft, even softer than the mashed potatoes in our main courses. The bacon bits were, however, not as crunchy as it typically would be. It also lacked the saltiness and aroma of bacon.

Lawry's Crepe Suzette (for two)

Lawry's Crepe Suzette (for two)

Lawry's Crepe Suzette

Lawry's Crepe Suzette

Out of the many desserts offered, we were most attracted by the Lawry’s Crepe Suzette (for two). It was a traditional dessert brought back in style at Lawry’s. The Lawry’s Crepe Suzette was prepared tableside once again, with melted butter, golden sugar, freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice, flambéed to perfection with a dash of Brandy & Grand Marnier, and finally topped with vanilla ice cream and fresh bananas. Sugar and butter were first added to the frying pan. After the sugar and butter had more or less melted, freshly squeezed orange juice and lemon juice were added to it. Adding a dash of Brandy and Grand Marnier resulted in a burst in flames. The already prepared crepes were then added to the mixture, allowing it to fully absorb the essence as the mixture was slowly reduced to a thick sauce. After the crepes were removed and placed on the plates, slices of banana’s and a scoop of vanilla ice cream was added. Finally, the remaining sauce was drizzled over the crepes. The crepe was soft and had thoroughly soaked up the sugary citrus syrup. The soggy looking crepe did not appeal at first sight, but upon trying, it did not taste as soggy as we imagined. The absorbed syrup added much flavour to the crepe, making it more refreshing than other French crepes we have tried elsewhere. However, it did leave a slightly bitter after taste in our mouths. There was no alcoholic taste as well. The ice cream was rich in vanilla and complemented the crepe well. To be honest, taste wise, there was nothing out of this world. We guessed that a large proportion of the $29.90 that we paid for the Lawry’s Crepe Suzette went to the preparation and plating of the dish.

Lawry’s, The Prime Ribs
#04-01/31, Mandarin Gallery
Mandarin Orchard, 333A Orchard Road


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  1. great to see this post as intro as i’m still hesitating whether to pay a visit to this restaurant, just wondering what’s the price range like for main course?cheers!


    May 18, 2011 at 11:06 pm

    • Hi Adel,

      The Chicken Cordon Bleu is $32.90, the Fresh Catch of the Day is $46.90. If we remembered correctly, their Lobster Trio is around $96. Their priciest beef cut is more than $100. The Crepe Suzette is $29.90.


      May 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm

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