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Battle of the “Fast-Food” Apple Pies

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Burger King's Dutch Apple Pie VS Macdonald's Apple Pie

Burger King's Dutch Apple Pie VS Macdonald's Apple Pie

Today, we witnessed the Battle of the “Fast-Food” Apple Pies. Contestant number 1 hails from the King of Burgers – Burger King’s Dutch Apple Pie. Contestant number 2 comes from its strongest rival – Macdonald’s Apple Pie.

Round 1: Surface judging – the outer crust
Both apple pies were served warm. BK’s Dutch Apple Pie had a crumbly buttery baked crust, which is typical of apple crumbles. On the other hand, the crust of Macdonald’s Apple Pie was deep fried, oily and pretty starchy. We have never been fans of deep fried dishes as they tend to leave our mouths and lips feeling very oily. In addition, the deep fried oily smell did not go well with us, compared to the baked buttery aroma from BK’s Dutch Apple Pie.

Round 2: Beneath the surface – the apple fillings
The fillings of both apple pies generally had the same texture and taste, with the Macdonald’s version being less sweet. The use of apple concentrate was evident in the fillings, which further accentuated the artificialness of the apple pie fillings.

Round 3: Practicality of life – price and size
Both apple pies were largely similar in size however, they differ greatly in price. Macdonald’s Apple Pie was priced at $1, while BK’s Dutch Apple Pie was $2.95. Perhaps looks wise, BK’s Dutch Apple Pie was more cake/tart like, while Macdonald’s Apple Pie was like a no-frills deep fried snack, but this definitely did not justify the triple price tag.

At the end of the day, our conclusion was that both apple pies were not really to our liking.


Written by foodphd

May 15, 2011 at 11:37 am

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