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重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish

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We visited 重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish on a Tuesday night and thankfully we had made reservations as there was a constant stream of customers throughout the entire evening. Their signature grilled fish was the main draw factor and aside from that, we ordered several other dishes as well.

泡椒凤爪 Preserved Chili Phoenix Claw

泡椒凤爪 Preserved Chili Phoenix Claw

The first dish to be served was the 泡椒凤爪 Preserved Chili Phoenix Claw. And boy did this dish blow us away with its extreme spiciness. This chewy cold chicken claws were very refreshing and immediately awakened our taste buds. The best part of the dish was the marination. The chicken claws had thoroughly absorbed the flavours from the spices and chili. The spiciness was the crux of this dish and it created a bang to the start of our meal.

蒙古排骨 Mongolian Pork Ribs
蒙古排骨 Mongolian Pork Ribs

Strong marination and a large amount of spices are commonplace in Chong Qing cuisine. The 蒙古排骨 Mongolian Pork Ribs was also very strong in flavour. The thick sauce was rich in black pepper and thoroughly enveloped every single piece of tender, chewy pork rib. Every mouth we took was an absolute delight!

白灼菜心 Poached Chye Sim

白灼菜心 Poached Chye Sim

虾仁咸蛋豆腐 Beancurd with Salted Egg and Prawns

虾仁咸蛋豆腐 Beancurd with Salted Egg and Prawns

Other dishes we ordered included the 白灼菜心 Poached Chye Sim, 金银蛋上汤菜 Chinese Spinach with Salted Egg, 干锅鸡 Dry-pot Chicken, 干锅虾 Dry-pot Prawns and 干锅茶树菇 Dry-pot Willow Mushrooms. The vegetable dishes were average fare, nothing too out of the ordinary. The 虾仁咸蛋豆腐 Beancurd with Salted Egg and Prawns was a crowd favourite. The salted egg sauce was thick and very savoury. Other than prawns, there was also pickled lettuces. The smooth tofu, combined with the succulent prawns and chewy lettuce, together with the salted egg sauce was a match-made in heaven!

烤鱼 - 红曹, 香辣味, 中辣

烤鱼 - 红曹, 香辣味, 中辣

烤鱼 - 红曹, 香辣味, 中辣

烤鱼 - 红曹, 香辣味, 中辣

The highlight of the meal was the 3 grilled fishes. We had 2 trays of 红曹 Golden Snapper- one in 香辣味 Spicy and Fragrant (中辣), the other in 酸菜味 Pickled Cabbage (微辣). The 3rd one was 草鱼 Grass Carp in 麻辣味 Spicy and Numbing (中辣). The grilled fishes we have had are usually served on banana leaves, are dry and topped off with a layer of sambal chili. However, in Chong Qing Grilled Fish, the fishes are first grilled, then immersed in a soup-like gravy of your choice, and finally served in a metal tray kept warmed by a small flame. Though the fish was immersed in a pretty oily gravy, the grilled barbequed flavour was still retained. We personally preferred the golden snapper as there were simply too many fine bones in the grass carp. Both the golden snapper and grass carp were fresh and the tender flesh had well absorbed the flavour of the gravy. Gravy wise, the 麻辣味 was the most spicy and left most of us sniffing and tearing. The 香辣味 was slightly less spicy but had the fragrance of chinese spices and wine. The 酸菜味 wasn’t all that spicy, but more towards the sour side. In all, all 3 sauces were strong in flavour. Besides the main grilled fish, we added Enoki mushrooms, fried potato slices and thick vermicelli. The metal tray was somewhat like a steamboat, with the hot gravy cooking the Enoki mushrooms and thick vermicelli. At the same time, the additional ingredients soaked up the gravy and tasted great! The only downside of the signature grilled fish was that it could get a tad too oily. And because of the richness of every dish, Chong Qing Grilled Fish is not a place which one would frequent that often. It’s more of a once in a while indulgence.

重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish
#01-01, 18 Mosque Street


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