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1 for 1 Sampler Set

1 for 1 Sampler Set (clockwise from bottom right) Chocolate Whiskey; Rum and Raisins; Chocolate; Lychee Martini; Hazelnut and Brownie; Blackforest

We were at Seventh Heaven on a weekday afternoon for their 1 for 1 dessert special. Sadly, the desserts available that day were limited to Brownie, Warm Chocolate Cake and their ice cream sets. As heard from the waiter, Seventh Heaven would be relocating their premises to Eunos Technolink and would no longer be offering any dine-in options. Instead, they would only be serving take-away ice creams, focusing largely on the wholesale market (NO MORE MATRIX 😦 !!!). Hopefully, we’ll be able to make 1 last visit before Seventh Heaven permanently closes on 13th May.

Since Matrix wasn’t offered in the 1 for 1 dessert list, we settled for the Sampler Set II, which allowed us to choose our flavours. We went for our all-time alcoholic favourites. Hazelnut and Brownie was a new flavour. There wasn’t much hazelnut taste. Rather it was more like chunks of brownie in vanilla ice cream, with a faint hazelnut after taste. The pure Chocolate ice cream was of a different texture compared to the alcoholic chocolate ice creams. The chocolate taste was strong but texture wise, it wasn’t very smooth and was rather floury.

Seventh Heaven (last day 13th May 2011)
No. 10 Raeburn Park


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