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Italiannies – Pasta Pizza & Vino

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NY Strawberry Cheesecake

NY Strawberry Cheesecake

NY Strawberry Cheesecake

NY Strawberry Cheesecake

NY Strawberry Cheesecake – New York-style cheesecake served on a bed of strawberry sauce. It was indeed a bed of strawberry sauce. The cheesecake was like a boat, sitting prettily in the middle of a sea of strawberry sauce. There was much effort in the plating and decoration of the dessert. The cheesecake was humongous, best shared amongst 4 friends. Texture wise, it has attained our standards of being rich, strong, dense and sticky. Taste wise, it wasn’t as sweet as the Coffee Bean’s version, and hence you would not feel as guilty from the sugar overdose. The cheesecake base was the typical digestive biscuit kind. Overall, the cheesecake was pretty good ol’ American cheesecake standard.     

Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession

Chocolate Obsession – Mousse on crisp base and topped with chocolate fudge/fondant. Chocolate Obsession is essentially 2 layers of chocolate mousse sandwiching a layer of dense chocolate sponge, atop a base of chopped nuts, encased in a layer of chocolate fudge. We felt that the chocolate taste wasn’t very strong in the mousse. The mousse was very creamy and sweet and that got us pretty sick halfway through the cake. The good thing was that the chopped nuts balanced out the creamy oily taste. However, it seemed like the chopped nuts were left in the open for too long, resulting in its lost of crunchiness. The chopped nut base is something very unique which we have not come across, as typically most cake bases are of crispy, nutty biscuit combination. The dessert chef should give some thoughts into maintaining the freshness and crunchiness of the chopped nuts and also improve on the quality of the chocolate used in the mousse.

The best part was that we were offered a voucher at the end of the meal which stated “Have a dessert on us!”. We would definitely be back again and the next time, we would give their mains a try as they look equally enticing.

#01-02, TripleOne Somerset
111 Somerset Road

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May 6, 2011 at 12:04 pm

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  1. […] Posted by foodphd on May 14, 2011 As promised, we did visit Italiannies a second time, for the free dessert, as well as their main courses. Complimentary […]

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