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Haus of Patisserie

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Haus of Patisserie

Haus of Patisserie

Haus of Patisserie -French American Bakery – located within the private estates of Kembangan, was featured in a recent issue of 8 days.

Chocoholic Cake

Chocoholic Cake

We tried 2 cakes, the first being the Chocoholic Cake. It was touted to be a “cannot-be-missed” fine and premium chocolate cake for chocolate fanatics, with 60% pure dark chocolate. Sadly, it was a mis-hit, we faced much difficulty finishing it. The Chocoholic Cake was very dry and spongy, it wasn’t rich in chocolate at all. The fudge-looking layers were cream, and there was absolutely no “premium” quality in it. The cake wasn’t too sweet, but still, after a few mouths, we were having a hard time finishing it. It was like a below average chocolate sponge cake you can find from neighbourhood bakeries.

OREO Cheese Cake

OREO Cheese Cake

The OREO Cheese Cake was their best seller, but once again, as a cheese cake, it sorely missed the mark. Rather, they should name it as a cream cake. There was hardly any cheese flavour, perhaps it was overshadowed by the Oreo cookies. But texture wise, it was so creamy and soft, we felt that we were just eating cream. One commendable thing is that they were very generous with the amount of Oreo cookies, every bite we took was packed with Oreo cookies. If you are an Oreo lover, this cake should suit your taste. However, cheese cake lovers will find the “cheese cake” tag a facade. There was no rich cheese taste and no sticky cheese cake texture. A huge disappointment.

Haus of Patisserie
88 Jalan Senang


Written by foodphd

April 22, 2011 at 9:26 am

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