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Salted Caramel

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While exploring Upper Thomson Road, we stumbled upon Salted Caramel, which prides itself on its artisan ice cream. Well, the ice-cream flavours were pretty common and nothing too unique. And there weren’t any strong appeal either. We did try their Salted Caramel and Rum & Raisins ice-cream, but they were just mediocre. Eventually, we settled for their Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake. Well, we like chocolate, we like rum, we like truffle – hence we were hoping that the combination of these 3 factors in 1 cake will blow us away.

Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake

Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake

Firstly, the use of chocolate rice as a decoration severely degraded the standard of the Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake. We have tried so many chocolate cakes from various places like P.S. Cafe, 1-Caramel, Canele, Cedele etc and none of them makes use of chocolate rice in their cakes. Well, the reason is obvious, the looks and taste of chocolate rice just brings down the quality of the cake.

Secondly, the chocolate used isn’t of premium quality and it was very coarse. The Truffle cake was not smooth at all. In fact, we felt that it was a very crude, unpolished, unrefined slice of chocolate cake. The taste and texture was very amateurish and should have never left the kitchen to be displayed for sale.

Thirdly, the raisins used in the cake was of very poor quality. The raisins reminded us of those prepacked “8-treasures” preserved fruits we see during Chinese New Year. Rather than adding flavour or juiciness to the cake, the raisins pretty much compounded the poor standard of the Chocolate Rum Truffle Cake.

Lastly, there was absolutely no alcoholic rum taste.

With its current standards, Salted Caramel will not be able to rise in ranks and reach the quality exhibited by 1-Caramel. Similar names, but a definite stark contrast.

Salted Caramel
Thomson Garden Estate
246G Upper Thomson Road


Written by foodphd

April 8, 2011 at 8:24 am

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