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Senso Ristorante & Bar

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On the outside, Senso Ristorante and Bar looked very much like a boutique hotel. The first scene that greeted us when we walked through the doors was the receptionist desk, akin to that of a hotel check-in counter. On the right was the Senso bar and on the left were the private function rooms. To get to the main restaurant indoor seating area, we had to go around the courtyard. The owners retained the colonial architecture of the building; the courtyard exuded a rustic charm, while the indoor dining area looked posh and chic. Even before our meal started, our entire mood was lifted up by the sheer style and class of Senso Ristorante and Bar.

We ordered 3 main courses, and prior to that complimentary bread and canapés were served.

Complimentary Bread

Complimentary Bread

Smoked Duck with Lettuce and Mango Salsa

Smoked Duck with Lettuce and Mango Salsa

Smoked Duck with Lettuce and Mango Salsa

Smoked Duck with Lettuce and Mango Salsa

There were 4 different varieties of bread; the most popular one being the long deep fried bread stick. It was crunchy, slightly more savoury than the others and had a faint cheesy taste. The brown rectangular cuboid shaped bread had a subtle taste of herbs and would be better if they made the flavour a bit stronger. The hors d’œuvre served was Smoked Duck with Lettuce and Mango Salsa. The first taste which welcomed us was the saltiness of the duck. Taste and texture wise, the thinly sliced duck meat, with a thin layer of fats, resembled that of bacon. The mango salsa was overshadowed by the smoked duck and the mild sourness only set in after a few bites. The accompanying lettuce provided moisture, crunchiness and a refreshing taste, such that one would not get too sick from the saltiness of the smoked duck.

Senso ‘Bolo’bster Lasagna’

Senso ‘Bolo’bster Lasagna’

Senso ‘Bolo’bster Lasagna – Homemade Lasagne with fresh Lobster meat and Tomato sauce. The Senso ‘Bolo’bster Lasagna was a crowd favourite. The lobster meat came in huge chunks, and every piece was fresh, succulent and juicy. Though drenched in the tomato sauce, the lobster meat retained its intrinsic sweetness of seafood. The chef was very generous with the amount of lobster and all we can say is that every mouth we took was never lacking in lobster meat. The lasagna was soft and smooth; the proportion of lasagne was just nice. With the lasagne soaking up the tomato sauce, accompanied with the salted semi-melted cheese and the fragrance from the sliced garlic pieces, this dish was packed with so much flavours but ultimately the main lead was still the lobster. Absolutely divine and our personal favourite from Senso.

Papardelle XXLong

Pappardelle XXLong

Pappardelle XXLong – 1 meter long homemade Pappardelle with braised Wild Boar, black Taggiasca Olives and sun-dried Tomatoes. Pappardelle are large and very broad fettuccine. In this special Senso version, the Pappardelle served was a total of 1 meter long in length. We couldn’t exactly tell if it’s really 1 meter long. We had that far-fetched thought that the Pappardelle would be spread out 1 meter across the plate and then served, but clearly we were wrong. Nevertheless, the Pappardelle was cooked al dente – firm and chewy. The sauce was tomato based and was rather salty. The wild boar had a taste and texture similar to minced meat. We couldn’t really differentiate the uniqueness of wild boar. It just reminded us too much of the minced meat you can find in hotplate tofu in Chinese dining places.

Duo of Risotti by Federico

Duo of Risotti by Federico

Duo of Risotti by Federico – Risotto Carnaroli with ‘Ca’ del Bosco’ Franciacorta sparkling wine and Risotto Carnaroli with Baby Squid a la plancha, fresh Italian Herbs. Carnaroli was used as the rice in the Risotto; it has a higher starch content and is stickier and firmer than the more commonly used Arborio rice. This dish was divided into the black and white regions. The black risotto was flavoured with squid ink. It was creamy and saltier than the white risotto. Taste wise, the white risotto was less strong in flavour, with the alcohol taste being barely detectable. Overall, it was an interesting and unique dish since you don’t find duo risotti in most Italian restaurants.



Desserts wise, we chose the Chocolate – Hot dark chocolate eruption served with Passion Fruit and Vanilla Ice-cream. The Chocolate was a huge disappointment. Reading the description ‘Hot dark chocolate eruption‘, we had expected an eruption of hot molten chocolate when we broke open the cake. Instead, all that welcomed us was … … more cake, perhaps more moist and softer, but still it was just chocolate cake. That was a major upset of the meal. The Chocolate cake was also pathetically small and taste wise, it was something that could be found in many dessert places, definitely not worth the $18 we were paying. The vanilla ice cream was too soft, and tasted mediocre. The Passion fruit sauce was also very miserable. The Chocolate was the only blemish in our otherwise wonderful Senso experience.

Service wise, Senso Ristorante & Bar displayed impeccable serving standards. From securing a table to us, helping us with our bags, taking our orders, explaining and serving the dishes to clearing our plates and table, the serving staff executed patience, friendliness and efficiency. It was befitting of a fine dining restaurant and their top service made the meal an enjoyable one.

Senso Ristorante & Bar
21 Club Street


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April 4, 2011 at 8:18 am

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