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With recommendations from 煮炒来咯!, we headed to 万东海鲜鱼头炉 for dinner on Friday night. 6 of us ordered the following 5 dishes:

麦片虾婆 Cereal Oat Crayfish
铁板豆腐 (Hotplate Tofu Spicy)
(from left to right) 炒西兰花 (broccoli); 虾仁炒蚕豆 (broad beans)
(from left to right) 炒西兰花 (broccoli); 虾仁炒蚕豆 (broad beans)
亚叁酸辣鱼 (Assam Fish)

In general, the five dishes were pretty good, meeting the minimum standard requirements:
1) freshness of ingredients
2) not over or under-cooked
3) sufficient flavouring/marinating

2 dishes were pretty commendable – the Cereal Oat Crayfish and Assam Fish. The crayfish was very fresh; it was succulent and chewy. It wasn’t too soft and the flesh/meat wasn’t too dry either. Coupled with the salty and aromatic deep fried cereal oats, this dish was pretty pleasing.

The fish had no fishy taste, the meat was very tender and smooth. The fish was well-cooked, it retained its slight juiciness such that it didn’t turn out too dry. The assam sauce was sour and spicy. The sourness made the dish refreshing and appetizing and was a very good accompanying sauce for plain white rice. The spiciness added a bit of kick into the dish, making our noses drip a little, but not too overwhelmingly unbearable.

Total cost of the 5 dishes and rice: $89

Blk 378 Clementi Ave 5 #01-334


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March 31, 2011 at 9:36 pm

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