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Chocolate Praline

Chocolate Praline

Chocolate Praline1 Caramel‘s cocoa signature with varying layers of chocolate mousse and hazelnut praline feuilletine. The Chocolate Praline was dense and fudgy. There was a characteristic Rocher taste due to the hazelnut praline feuilletine, which also added crunchiness and hazelnut aroma to the dense chocolate cake. However, the hazelnut taste didn’t seem too uniform in the cake, as certain parts had a stronger Rocher taste compared to other areas.

160 degrees

160 degrees

160 degrees – Luscious layer of walnut dacquoise, crystallized Florida walnuts, caramelized William pear curd and silk caramel glacage. 160 degrees was a rather unique cake. Sadly, it did not have much of a physical appeal. It was slanting pretty badly and was at a ‘close to collapse’ position in the display shelf. But we were still enticed by the interesting description of the unique pairing of pear and caramel. It is common to see pears being used in desserts like poached pears and pear tarts, but something like 160 degrees was pretty innovative and unconventional.

The cake was pretty soft and gooey, with a mousse like texture, in line with our expectations of curd. The thin outer layer of caramel fudge was too sweet on its own, but a tinge of salty aftertaste from the caramel curd neutralized it. The William pear curds added a bit of chewiness while the walnut added crunchiness to the cake. Without them, the cake would have been overly soft and pudding like. In fact, the cake lost its upright structure after a while. This is definitely something to be improved on. The cake became a tad too sweet as we tucked in and we did get a little sick of it towards the end.

#01-K2, OUB Centre
1 Raffles Place

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March 26, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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