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La Villa Italian Grill and Bar

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Complementary Bread

Complimentary Bread

La Villa – a culinary oasis right next to the city centre. We were there on a Tuesday night. The place was not too packed, and it had a pretty nice al fresco dining area.

A basket of complimentary bread was served at the start of the meal. 3 different kinds of bread – the triangular (seemingly looking like a tortilla) bread was more flavourful, but a bit oily, giving us the impression that it was deep-fried. Not too healthy, and certainly not a good way to begin a meal. The bread with sunflower seeds was a bit healthier, it tasted more bland, with a fragrant aroma. The last plain looking bun was just a typical baguette.



Funghi – pizza with tomato, mozzarella, mushrooms, pancetta ham, egg, truffle. The unique thing about La Villa’s pizza is the runny egg in the middle of the pizza. And clearly, the addition of the runny egg in the middle is supposed to accentuate the taste of the pizza. Unfortunately, the egg was of little use. In fact, it tasted just like a sunny side up, though we thought it was supposed to be semi-cooked. The pizza was just mediocre, nothing impressive. It becomes worse when it turns cold. Till date, nothing beats the pizza at Pepperoni @ Greenwood Avenue!



Fettuccine – Fettuccine Pasta with Bacon, Egg Yolk and Parmesan ‘Carbonara’ style. The cream sauce was rather thick, not too watery or tasteless. The fettuccine wasn’t too salty; most versions of carbonaras tend to be a wee too salty. But this version, with the flat and fat fettuccine, tasted pretty good.



Parmiggiana – Oven-baked traditional Eggplant “Parmiggiana” with Genovese Basil Pesto Sauce. Parmiggiana is is a Southern Italian dish made with a shallow-fried sliced filling, layered with cheese and tomato sauce, then baked. Looks and texture wise, the Parmiggiana was similar to a lasagna. Sadly, the Parmiggiana was pretty bland. Strangely, it reminded us of those frozen quick prepare food you can get from supermarkets or 7-11 convenience stores, where you pop it into the microwave and after 5 minutes, you get your warm food. Sure, the Parmiggiana did look appetizing, slightly charred, with the semi-melted cheese. But looks can be deceiving, the cheese had no taste as well, and we had to add lots of cheese powder to make the dish more savoury. The only saving grace was the Basil Pesto Sauce which added more flavour to the entire bland parmiggiana. The dish would be more appetizing if the tomato and cheese taste were stronger.

La Villa
341 River Valley Road


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