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Sarotti's No. 1 Mini Collection

Sarotti's No. 1 Mini Collection

Sarotti's 42 minis

Sarotti's 42 minis

Sarotti’s No. 1 mini collection from Germany consists of:
JAVA, 33% Caco Vollmilch (Whole Milk)
ECUADOR, 72% Cacao Edelbitter (Dark Chocolate)
SAO THOME, 75% Cacao Edelbitter mit Kakaokernsplittern (Dark chocolate with chocolate chip core)

The taste of Sarotti’s mini collection are seemingly similar to single-origin chocolates, but we are still unsure if they really are made from cocoa beans from the same plantation. At a price of $9.50 for a box of 42 minis, it is a very good substitute for pricier premium brands like Valrhona’s. It is ideal for consumers who wish to give “premium chocolates” a first try, before deciding if they really appreciate it and go on spending more on the higher end brands.

Sarotti's Magische Momente

Sarotti's Magische Momente

Sarotti's Magische Momente

Sarotti's Magische Momente

Sarotti’s Magische Momente contains 21 alcoholic pralines, of 9 different flavours. The moment we opened the box, there was a strong chocolate and alcohol aroma. The 9 flavours are:

Alima (Kirschlikör-Trüffle): Cherry liqueur truffle
Ghada (Kirsche in Likörfüllung): Cherry in liqueur filling
Arella: Marc de Champagne Truffle
Deuxette (Mandellikör-Trüffle): Almond liqueur
Magia (Arrak Marzipan): Arrack
Carma (Jamaica-Praline): Rum
Zabajon (Eierlikör-Praline): Eggnog liqueur
Amandus (Cointreau-Trüffle): Orange liqueur
Sopresa (Williams-Christ): Williams pear liqueur

In general, most of the flavours tasted strongly of liqueur. There were a few particular ones, like the Ghada, which contains the alcohol in liquid form, while others had their fillings soaked in alcohol. However, we didn’t like Marzipan. Firstly, the liqueur taste was too mild. Secondly, the marzipan filling was more like soggy coconut bits soaked in sugar syrup. Something to be improved could be in the outer chocolate layer. It would be better if the chocolate shell was smoother and had a “melt in the mouth” texture, like typical over the counter pralines and truffles. Perhaps they could replace the outer chocolate with the ones in the No. 1 mini collection – that would make a perfect box of alcoholic chocolate pralines!


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March 17, 2011 at 8:49 am

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