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Muddy Mudpie

Muddy Mudpie

When we were teenagers, Coffee Club has always been one of our favorite haunts; the reason being – its signature Muddy Mudpie!

Muddy Mudpie is made up of 2 thick layers of ice cream on an Oreo cookie base. The top light brown ice cream is coffee flavoured, while the bottom darker brown is chocolate with a tinge of hazelnut flavour. A generous serving of chocolate sauce is drizzled over the mudpie followed by sprinkles of cocoa/Oreo bits. This is not our first time trying Muddy Mudpie, our first experience was many years ago, perhaps around 2006? And over years, we’ve made a few observations.

Firstly, the Muddy Mudpie is gradually decreasing in size. We should to be amazed by the sheer size of the mudpie, now we’re just hoping it doesn’t shrink any further. Secondly, the ice cream appears to be getting softer or perhaps the weather is getting hotter, hence the ice cream appears to melt more quickly. Previously, the mudpie was a bit tougher, had a more chewy and solid texture; at least when we attempt to cut through it using our forks, we faced a bit of resistance. Right now, the texture of the mudpie is too soft and we can cut through it easily. Lastly, though the mudpie is shrinking in size, the price is ever increasing. A muddy mudpie after tax costs $11.18.

Taste wise, the coffee ice cream still packs a strong coffee taste and aroma. The chocolate ice cream had a slight tinge of hazelnut. In general, the ice cream was smooth and strong in flavours. The chocolate sauce went well with the ice cream. However, the cookie base was a major letdown. The cookie base was soft, and not crunchy at all. It was rather clumpy, and had a queer salty taste. There’s not much Oreo taste either. Basically, the cookie base spoiled the entire mudpie.

Hopefully the standard of Coffee Club’s Muddy Mudpie doesn’t deteriorate any further.

Coffee Club
Orchard Fountain Corner
323 Orchard Road

Written by foodphd

March 15, 2011 at 9:08 pm

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