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Tsukiji Gindaco Takoyaki

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Gindaco Takoyaki

Gindaco Takoyaki

The opening of Gindaco at ION Orchard created much hype and subsequently there was perpetually a long queue for Takoyaki every time we walked past. Well, after so long, we finally got a chance to try Gindaco’s Takoyaki without having to queue.

4 fried octopus balls for $3.60. Unlike its rival Takopachi, Gindaco only offers 1 type of filling, the original – octopus. Gindaco’s Takoyaki was a bit bigger (hence the steeper price) and darker in colour. The outer starchy crust had a mild burnt taste. When we bit into the Takoyaki, the outer layer and inner fillings seem rather detached from each other. The outer layer wasn’t too thick. I’ve tried octopus balls from night markets and they taste horrible. The entire ball was just filled with starch, akin to eating a starch ball. For Gindaco’s, there was still a sizable piece of octopus which was pretty chewy.

We chose the original Gindaco’s sauce with shaved dried bonito and mayonnaise. The sauce was pretty good – flavourful, salty and went well with the Takoyaki.

Overall, Gindaco’s Takoyaki is not too bad, but I don’t think its standard justifies the long queuing time. It’s something that tastes good, but not to the extent of mind blowing.

Tsukiji Gindaco
#B4-62, ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn


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