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Penang Food Trail – Crepe Cottage

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Crepe Cottage

Crepe Cottage

Crepe Cottage, situated along Gurney Drive, is popular amongst teenagers with its pancakes, crepes and ice cream. After some suggestions from the young waitress, we ordered 5 different desserts that night.

(clockwise from top left) Traffic Lights; Hot Apple on Ice-Cream Crepe; Gone Bananas; Sunburst; Chocolate Fever

(clockwise from top left) Traffic Lights; Hot Apple on Ice-Cream Crepe; Gone Bananas; Sunburst; Chocolate Fever

Traffic Lights – Fresh kiwi, mango and strawberries with vanilla ice cream on crepe. The mango was pretty tasteless that night, likely due to the fact that it wasn’t the mango season and hence the quality of mango wasn’t too good. The pink crepe tasted rather unique, it was a very thin slice and complemented the ice cream well.

Hot Apple on Ice-Cream Crepe: Julienne and cinnamon-coated fried apple on a crepe roll filled with 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. The fried apples were cut into long thin strips and resembled french fries. They were pretty generous with the servings of apples as well as ice cream. The crepe was well stuffed with ice cream. There wasn’t much cinnamon taste in the apples though, just a slight tinge of saltiness.

Gone bananas – Traditional banana split with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate and strawberry sauce. Well, nothing too special about it. Banana splits can be found in most Western food chains.

Sunburst – Mango pancake with sliced mango, groundnuts and mango ice cream. Like mentioned before, the mango slices were virtually tasteless, which was a huge disappointment. We didn’t quite appreciate the pancake either. It was rather salty and was a queer combination with the sweet ice cream. We preferred the crepe over the pancake.

Chocolate Fever – 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream with nuts and raisins, chocolate balls and chocolate chip cookies drizzled with rich chocolate fudge. Well, I highly doubt we would really get a chocolate fever after this sundae. The different chocolate condiments weren’t very rich in chocolate, including the fudge. It would probably appeal to young kids, but not to us.

Overall, the ice cream served at Crepe Cottage was pretty mediocre. Taste wise, it was similar to that of Wall’s ice cream. We were definitely expecting something better, given the popularity of this place.

Written by foodphd

March 13, 2011 at 4:41 pm

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