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Le Chocolat Cafe @ The Club Hotel

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Le Chocolat

Le Chocolat

Another new dessert kid on the block – Le Chocolat Cafe. We had driven past once but didn’t get the chance to take a look at it. The name “Le Chocolat” seemingly suggests that it was going to be a chocolate dessert specialty shop. Yes, we went there, full of high hopes and expectations. We left there … … … …

The selection of cakes were not impressive, not at all. The cakes looked unappetizing. In fact, the staff looked unfriendly too – no smiles, no warm welcomes, no enthusiastic introductions, nothing. Just blank stares and a nonchalant attitude. Was it because we had entered the cafe barely an hour before closing time? Whatever it is, if you are going to open a dessert cafe in a place like Ann Siang Hill, where you can find another dessert place within 1km, please do something about the attitude, and the food as well.

But since we were there already, we gave this new place the benefit of doubt and try their cakes. We ordered the Chocolate Tart and Nutty Chocolate.

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate Tart

Plus points for the effort they put into the plating of the cake. At least the entire presentation wasn’t too bare. Turns out this was the only plus point. Chocolate Tart – the description on the menu read: Sinful is the word. Put your diet plans aside and indulge in this milk chocolate tart that will leave a hmm… oh… wow on your lips.

In our opinion, the description should be as such:

Chocolate Tart – A bite into it and a chocolate dessert lover will know immediately that premium chocolate was not used in the tart. This is a very crude version of a chocolate tart; the standard is no way near that of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier’s. The crust was akin to the pineapple tarts we have for Chinese New Year. The dark top layer was gelatine, pudding-like with a tinge of sourness. It was a total waste of calories and stomach space, and also time spent traveling there. For such a tart, please just stick to your diet plans because this tart will leave you thinking, “why oh why did I even bother coming to this place?”…

Nutty Chocolate

Nutty Chocolate

Nutty Chocolate

Nutty Chocolate

Next up was Nutty Chocolate, where the description read: Hazelnut mouse (note: this is not a spelling error on our part, this description was taken from the menu, absolutely no changes were made to the spelling) layered with sponge and ganache. Nuts lovers will definitely fall in love once again.

And once again, let’s do a little revamp of their rather misleading description.

Nutty Chocolate – Alternating layers of tasteless sponge and very light (with barely any chocolate taste) chocolate pudding. I bet the mouse was playing hide and seek with us, that’s why we couldn’t find it! There was no mousse nor ganache. When we took a bite of this cake, all we tasted was pudding! Not only that, this cake is the ultimate sensitivity taste for nut lovers. The nut taste is so weak and faint!! It is definitely not something a nut lover will enjoy.

Other than being serious chocolate, desserts and cake lovers, we are fans of nuts as well. Or perhaps being nut lovers, we were a bit too demanding? But well, one thing for sure, we did not fall in love after trying the cake. It’s a blessing that we didn’t blame the person who spotted this cafe in the first place. The chocolate is bad, the sponge is bad, the nuts are bad – everything is bad. “Why oh why did I even bother coming to this place?”

Each slice was priced at $7 each, no GST, no service charge (which might explain the poor service, they didn’t even ask if we wanted ice water!). For $7, I think I would rather walk over to Chinatown to have 2 bowls of black sesame paste.

And yes, we left the cafe regretting that we ever went there.

Le Chocolate Cafe
28 Ann Siang Road
The Club Hotel


Written by foodphd

February 19, 2011 at 10:12 am

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