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Chocolate n Gelato Shoppe – Single Origin Chocolates

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Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel

Chocolate n Gelato – The World’s Finest Single-Origin Chocolate. We bought the Michel Cluizel Coffret Degustation 25 Ganache Tasting Box from this shop known as Chocolate n Gelato, formally called Xotiq Chocolatier. Michel Cluizel is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality chocolate in France. Single-origin chocolates are made from cacao beans grown in one particular area or region, hence the name, single-origin.

Michel Cluizel Degustation Box

Michel Cluizel Degustation Box

There were 5 flavours in the degustation box of 25. Every flavour had an unique taste.

Palet Feuille d’Argent (silver star-spangled surface)
This precious Palet hides a sweet flavour of honey and spices and a fruity bouquet. Its remarkable length is supported by a hint of vegetable bitterness.

Palet Concepción (cocoa pad sign)
It remains faithful to the prevailing armos of dried fruits conveyed by its Criollo beans and develops mellow notes of almond paste, followed by fresh, lemony hints.

Kouaré (two central veins)
The Kouaré ganache owes its fresh chocolate flavour and its round, balanced aromas to the use of fine cocoas, which have made São Tomé island famous for more than a century.

Valséro (small flame)
The small flame that adorns Valsero foreshadows the warm, hearty notes of gingerbread and exotic fruits, which defines the appeal of this chocolate Palet. The sparkling, slightly acid finish of this chocolate is typical of the flavours revealed by Madagascar neo criollo beans.

Palet d’Or (gold spot)
This sumptuous chocolate Palet, adorned with a genuine gold spot, reveals the balance of nice, slightly flowery cocoa notes, and then blossoms into slightly acid notes of rich red berries that develop into lightly bitter grapefruit peel taste.

Frankly speaking, when we tried the chocolates, we felt that they were nice, smooth and rich, with a velvety texture. We couldn’t really pinpoint centain tastes as mentioned in the descriptions, all we could was identify that the 5 flavours did taste differently. And to really say that they were gourmet chocolates, we weren’t too sure about that. Perhaps we just couldn’t really appreciate single-origin chocolates.

But one thing for sure, after we tried all the flavours, we ate a few Reeses’ Select Clusters and Cadbury chocolate. And immediately, we could tell the difference between gourmet chocolate and the typical chocolates we get from supermarkets. The taste, the texture, the richness was just vastly different. Perhaps we couldn’t truly appreciate the exquisiteness of single-origin chocolates, but at the very least, we appreciated their high quality.

Chocolate n Gelato Shoppe
12 Gopeng Street #01-84
Icon Village


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February 14, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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