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Seventh Heaven – Artisanal Desserts

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With its first branch located at a secluded corner in Raeburn Park, Seventh Heaven started off with a reputation of offering “adult ice cream”, or rather alcoholic ice cream. It isn’t a difficult place to find; after all, it was just located behind the Tanjong Pagar railway station. But it was at least a 15 minutes walk from the nearest bus stops.

Our first trip to Seventh Heaven was on 25 March 2010. And after this first time, Seventh Heaven became one of our favorite haunts whenever we craved for ice cream. On the first occasion, we tried the Warm and Soft Chocolate Cake and the Homemade Waffles.

(top left) Warm and soft chocolate cake, (bottom left) Homemade Waffles

Warm and soft chocolate cake (it is now known as Baked Lava Cake, but the description is similar) – A decadently rich and moist chocolate cake that is accompanied by French Vanilla ice cream. Well, although the menu did not explicitly state that it would be a chocolate cake with a molten center, we expected it to be along those lines. Hence, you could imagine our disappointment when we broke open the chocolate cake only to see … more cake. We were not impressed at all.

We chose the Homemade Waffles as our 2nd dessert, and had the Chocolate and Cabernet as the ice cream. We had tried the waffles at Udders and totally fell in love with them. Hence, we were kind of hoping that the same standard could be found at seventh heaven. But sadly, though the ice cream impressed us, the waffles was another disappointment. Texture, smell and taste wise – Udders won hands down. Our first visit to Seventh Heaven wasn’t all that fulfilling, but nevertheless, something did catch our eye and we told ourselves, we would definitely make a 2nd trip. And it would be for … … THE MATRIX!

Well, The Holy Grail did capture our attention, but it was not because of the challenge to have it for free (we were never into rushing through our meals, good food should always be enjoyed at a comfortable pace, not under the pressure of time). In any case, we believed that there are less than 30 flavours available at Seventh Heaven, and furthermore, having 30 scoops served at a go, would mean that we would also have to rush a little to finish the ice cream before they started melting. Either way, we did not think it was wise to order that. Hence, the next better choice would be The Matrix.

The Matrix (26 Mar 2010)

The Matrix (26 Mar 2010)

And with the first try of The Matrix, came the 2nd… and the 3rd… so and so forth…

The Matrix - 31 July 2010

The Matrix - 31 July 2010

The Matrix - 13 Aug 2010

The Matrix - 13 Aug 2010

The Matrix - 28 Dec 2010

The Matrix - 28 Dec 2010

The Matrix – The sampler of samples. 12 of Seventh Heaven’s best sellers. Well, I highly doubt that they actually serve us all their best sellers, it was more like a mix between the alcoholic, non-alcoholic or the conventional flavours.  Given a choice, we would have just chosen 12 different alcoholic flavours. The Matrix is essentially 12 different scoops of ice cream, served in a palette.  We have tried most of the flavours, but periodically, there will be new flavours introduced.

In general, Seventh Heaven has a greater variety of alcoholic ice creams, compared to most of the ice cream outlets we have been to. Well, considering that around 5 out of the 12 scoops of ice cream were alcoholic ones, and that we paid less than $30 for The Matrix, it was certainly value for money. In addition, Seventh Heaven serves wonderful Chocolate ice cream – thick, creamy, smooth, with a strong chocolate taste. It is one of the better chocolate ice creams around. In summary, the flavours that we recommend are:

Apple and Chardonnay (alc)
Blackforest (alc)

Black Russian (alc)
Chocolate and Cabernet (alc)
Chocolate and Whiskey (alc)
Dark Cherries and Merlot (alc)
Lychee Martini (alc)
Milo Dinosaur
Peanut Butter
Rum and Raisins (alc)
Yuzu Sorbet

The biggest bane of the Matrix was the fact that we were not allowed to choose the flavours. But on every occasion that we were there, we managed to convince the staff to leave out certain flavours for us. However, we definitely did not enjoy the kiddish flavours of Purple Cow and Bubble Gum. They tasted too artificial and overly sweet. The colour was a major turn-off as well. And if you are observant enough, you would have noticed from the photos that the size of each scoop of ice cream has shrank considerably. On our last visit on 28 Dec 2010, we realized, to our disappointment, that each scoop was significantly smaller, no longer overflowing from the individual holes of the palette.

On a side note, there was once (13 Aug 2010) where we headed to the Seventh Heaven branch at Resorts World. With their increase in popularity, the people at Seventh Heaven opened 2 more branches – 1 at Resorts World, the other is a scoop shop at Takashimaya. We haven’t been to the one at Takashimaya though.

Seventh Heaven
No. 10 Raeburn Park, #01-24/25/26, Singapore 088702


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January 30, 2011 at 4:06 pm

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  1. […] they would only be serving take-away ice creams, focusing largely on the wholesale market (NO MORE MATRIX 😦 !!!). Hopefully, we’ll be able to make 1 last visit before Seventh Heaven permanently […]

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