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The Chocolate Bar @ MBS

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21 Jan 2011 – Our maiden dine-in meal at Marina Bay Sands! Aside from our short visit to SweetSpot last Friday, we have not dined at any of the food places at Marina Bay Sands. So our virgin meal at MBS must be something unique and appealing, something like… …


To our knowledge, there are only 2 other chocolate buffets in Singapore. The most well-known is the one at The Courtyard, Fullerton Hotel, which is only available on Fridays and Saturdays. Another is offered at the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel (not too sure if it is still available though). And The Chocolate Bar is the new kid on the block, operating every night at The Club on the 57th level of Marina Bay Sands from 8 pm onwards. It boasts a spread of 57 chocolate themed desserts. As hardcore dessert and chocolate fans, how could we miss The Chocolate Bar? Armed with our growling tummies, we headed there with much hope and anticipation. While eager to try every single dessert yet being careful not to over-gorge ourselves, we started the buffet by sharing a serving of every dessert served there. 1 quick scan of the buffet table and we realized that the spread was not limited to chocolate desserts, but was also extended to non-chocolate ones as well, unlike the chocolate buffet at Fullerton.


Mini Cakes Galore

Mini Cakes Galore

Cookies, Macaroons, Brownies, Nuts, Chocolates

Cookies, Macaroons, Brownies, Nuts, Chocolates

Mini Cup Desserts

Mini Cup Desserts

(clockwise from top right) Warm Chocolate Fondant, Nama Chocolate, Chocolate Ice Cream, Assorted Fruits

We started off with an array of mini slices of cakes. Texture wise, the cakes were too soft and it felt like they were left outside the fridge for too long. The chocolates in the desserts did not taste like they were of premium quality (e.g. Valrhona etc). The nama chocolate did look interesting and appealing, with the accompaniment of the small tube of alcohol. Sadly, the alcohol did not accentuate the taste and against all expectations, the nama chocolate did not melt in our mouths. Texture and taste wise, it fell short of Royce’s.

Warm chocolate fondant was offered at The Chocolate Bar and it was something that cannot be found at Fullerton. The fondant was indeed served warm but the molten center wasn’t viscous enough. Rather than being thick, molten and viscous, it was more like liquid chocolate. Like the fondant, the chocolate ice cream was only served upon request. We were expecting a scoop of chocolate ice cream, but it turned out to be something akin to the Magnum ice cream – chocolate ice cream encased in a chocolate shell. Nothing fantastic about the ice cream though.

(clockwise from top left) Assorted Nuts, TWG Earl Grey Tea, Miscellaneous nuts, biscuits, churros

The saving grace of the chocolate buffet turned out to be the salty, non-chocolate items. We enjoyed the honey-flavoured macademia nuts and the long strips of nuts-coated crackers.

Service wise, it was a thumbs up. We noticed that another table of guests was served a platter of assorted nuts and hence, we requested for a serving too. The waiting staff patiently explained to us that the nuts were only complimentary with alcoholic beverages. Nevertheless, they were kind and generous enough to offer us a serving, on the house. They were also prompt in the clearing of plates and refilling of ice water, and also took the initiative to ask if we wanted a 2nd serving of ice cream or warm chocolate fondant.

At the end of the day, the buffet costs around $43 per pax (after GST and service charge). Food wise,  the selection at The Chocolate Bar was simply spread too thinly, resulting in the lack of any specialty dessert. Both the chocolates and the desserts failed to make an impact on us. However, a huge plus point was that we were given access to the MBS sky garden, without having to pay the $20 entrance fee. The view there was indeed charming and we were intrigued by the infinity pool as well.

For serious chocolate lovers, it is still advisable to stick to the chocolate buffet at Fullerton.

The Chocolate Bar
The Club at Marina Bay Sands, Sands SkyPark (at Tower 2)
From 8 pm onwards


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January 22, 2011 at 8:43 am

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