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Table 66 – Modern European Cuisine

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Table 66

The final decision to head to Table 66 was made pretty last minute and hence we did not make any reservations. It turned out that there was a company event (we were guessing it’s a end-of-the-year company dinner/costume party) held there that night. However, the kind staff at Table 66 were still willing to accommodate us and after informing us that it might get a little noisy later, they led us to a small private room at the end of the restaurant. We were very surprised as there were only 3 of us and the private room they led us to could sit 8. But kudos to the kind crew at Table 66, we enjoyed our cosy private dinner.

(From left to right) Leffe Brown; Bottled Fiji Water

C ordered a bottle of Leffe Brown. It was pretty smooth, and did not have that strong a taste as conventional stout.

(from top to bottom) Complimentary warm bread; Seared foie gras with sushi rice, mango and arugula salad and ume sauce

Complimentary bread and butter were served. The bread was warm, with a fluffy texture. Thumbs up! I’ve always loved French bread and pastries. For starters, we had the Seared Foie Gras. The juicy, oily and fatty foie gras sat on a bed of mango and arugula salad, stacked on top of sushi rice. I’ve always enjoyed the way the foie gras would melt in my mouth. But as P always says, foie gras – it’s fatty and oily, too much is not good. Well, an indulgence once in a while wouldn’t hurt. But the interesting part of this dish was the sushi rice. I enjoyed the sushi rice, I loved the strong yet not overwhelming vinegar taste. Somehow, this time, I was more attracted to the rice than the foie gras. There wasn’t anything bad about the foie gras, but just nothing too interesting? But this combination of foie gras with sushi rice kind of won me over.

confit of duck leg

Main courses wise, there were not many choices, plus the fact that we do not take beef or lamb, we were only limited to a 4 different selections. We chose the Confit of Duck Leg and Petuna Ocean Trout. Well, the duck confit over here looks and tastes deep fried, unlike certain ones. It kind of disappointed us a little, as both P and myself are not really into deep fried food. But nevertheless, the duck meat was tender and well-flavoured.

Petuna Ocean Trout

P and I preferred the ocean trout more. The chive sauce complimented the trout well, there wasn’t any fishy taste. A better main course of the 2.

warm chocolate and hazelnut cake fondant

Finally, our favorite part of the meal – desserts!!! We ordered the Warm Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake Fondant. Warm chocolate cake, molten chocolate cake, lava chocolate cake – regardless of what they call it, we always expect and hope that the center is made up of authentically good quality MOLTEN chocolate which flows out of the cake when we cut it open. For this version at Table 66, the center wasn’t exactly pure chocolate, but hazelnut fudge (think ferrero rocher?). But thankfully, the center was indeed molten, much to our expectations. The ice cream had a strong coffee taste and complimented the fondant well. Overall, it is not the best molten chocolate cake, but one that did not disappoint us.

In all, the experience at Table 66 was a nice one. The staff were friendly and plus the fact we had a room to ourselves, it was indeed an enjoyable meal.


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  1. […] the taste of the scallops. And sadly, the foie gras paled in comparison to the one we had at Table 66. Another thing was that if we hadn’t seen the searing of sushi done by the chefs, we […]

  2. […] the old premises of Table 66 at Tras Street is Brasserie Gavroche, headed by the former executive chef at the St. Regis […]

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